Kristen Bell Has Secretly Been Following These 10 Style Rules For Over a Decade

We, along with the rest of the world, can’t get enough of Kristen Bell. She’s brutally honest, has an adorable relationship, and is the star of some of our favorite TV shows and movies. There’s also the minor fact that she has pretty great style, too, and it’s not just her recent looks that have left us feeling impressed (although three great coats in one day was kind of impressive).

Look closer and you’ll notice that Bell has been wearing the same key pieces for over a decade. Whether it’s a structured suit, a specific color, or a sweet pair of hoops, the star — and her stylist, Nicole Chavez — have discovered what looks good and kept it in rotation. In fact, much like fellow icons J.Lo and Dakota Johnson, there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the Frozen 2 actress, simply by looking back at her best outfits.

1. There’s Never a Bad Time to Wear Sequins

At an award show! Paired with a turtleneck! Bell has proven sequins work for both day and night, and while they’re often thought of as fancy, they can be dressed down, too. Plus, adding sparkle to your outfit is always fun.

2. Beanies Are Both Cute and Practical

Sure, these things keep your head warm during the winter months, but a bright hat gives neutral outerwear a little something extra, turning it into a full look.

3. Black Jumpsuits Are Just as Versatile as LBDs

Without a shirt and worn with heels? Sleek and statement making. With a shirt and paired with boots? Comfy, easy, yet elevated at the same time.

4. Graphic T-Shirts and Jeans Are a Timeless Combo

Forget any rule that claims there’s an age limit on graphic tees. Bell has a bunch in her closet and often wears them with jeans — and yes, the casual pairing looks great every. single. time.

5. Commit to a Signature Color

Bell may voice Anna from Frozen , but she and Elsa has the same go-to shade: light blue. The star has worn gowns in this color, along with skirts, matching sets, and even coats.

6. A Leather Jacket Really Is a Wardrobe Staple

Bell has worn this piece many times over the years, whether it was with a pair of jeans or something slightly dressy. Colored or detailed options have also helped make her simple outfits a bit more interesting.

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